About the Historian

Walking to class one day across the Simpson College campus, Laura Keller realized her passion for bringing the past alive in the present may be a bit…excessive. Maybe it was the winter breeze through her white tights, or the discomfort of her knee length breeches and the too-tight tricorne on loan from the theater department. The epiphany was most likely manifested, however, in the form of the men’s cross country team. As they swarmed past her with bewildered stares, her pride swelled as she heard comments such as, “The Fourth of July is six months away,” and, “Is that George Washington?”

LafayetteIt was then that she knew her love of history would best serve and be served on the other side of the historical plaque.

Within the public history program at ASU, Laura found her kindred spirits. She has completed a certificate in museum studies, and is currently finishing her master’s thesis. Entitled “‘The Art of Civilization’: America on Display at Peale’s Museum,” she is researching representations of the North American west and its indigenous population in one of America’s earliest museums. She has previously served as an exhibit design intern at the Autry National Center. She has also completed research and interpretive projects for Fort Union National Monument and Wupatki National Monument.


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